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By Haigwood Studios Photography
Amazing Pieces Added to Ballerina Collection

August 22nd, 2016   |   No Comments

The Ballerina Collection adds new amazing pieces to the Fall 2016 collection! Ballerina symbolizes movement and energy with grace. 

From the 18th century, the ballerina arrived as the most beautiful dancer of all, the female dancer, the mistress of dance. Moving gracefully, these jewelry pieces were created in the heart of something magnificent and pure, exhibiting an effortless style.

If you get a chance, catch a glimpse at the amazing movement of these NEW pieces! One of the most popular thus far is the “Ballerina Tiny Spheres Necklace” (photo above). A rhodium-plated sterling silver chain and tiny spheres, 18 to 20 inches with extender.

Just like a Ballerina, she brings us to an all-time high, and captivates our attention with her graceful, yet breathtaking characteristics.

Simple and elegant …  The Ballerina Collection is meant to lift our spirits!