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3-Tier Crystal Bracelet: Twist on the Traditional Tennis Bracelet

November 21st, 2014   |   No Comments

Every fashionista loves a beautiful Tennis bracelet.  Growing up I am sure we all knew fabulous and beautiful women who wore Tennis bracelets as an everyday statement piece.  Tennis bracelets are simple yet classic and luxurious.  It is the perfect accessory.

Esbe Designs - Tennis Bracelet

Our new Caviar Crystal 3-Tier Tennis Bracelet embodies this same sentiment and has quickly become a hit with our customers.  They are loving this new updated twist on the traditional Tennis bracelet.  Our 3-Tier Caviar Crystal Bracelet is made from Swarovski and Czech faceted crystals in Sparkling and Midnight diamond colors.  This is a signature piece and looks great alone or stacked with other beautiful eSBe Designs bracelets. 

Esbe Designs - Bracelet Arm Candy


Esbe Designs - Swarovski Tennis Bracelet


The 3-Tier Caviar Crystal Bracelet retails for $99 and can be purchased via our shopping cart or from your Esbe Stylist.