Surviving The Holidays
Survive and Thrive During the Holidays

November 18th, 2015   |   No Comments

Ease on down the holiday road this season!

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Surviving The HolidaysWhoa….do the holidays have you feeling like you’re in a rodeo that’s non-stop?  Tis the season to feel overwhelmed, but hold your horses ladies and gentlemen!  Surviving the holidays with a little organization ahead of time is the key to making everything flow.  There are parties to attend, presents to buy/or make, meals to cook, baking to be done, traditions to celebrate, family to visit, and a million and one other things to do that come with the Holiday season. But it does not have to put you in survival mode. 

Plan ahead

Assign who does what and share the baking, buying, making and wrapping! Remember, the most enjoyable holidays are ones that you keep it simple!  Make it memorable and beautiful, but start early and plan ahead.

Here are some of my TOP TEN TIPS to help you start to get organized to enjoy this special time of the year:   

  1. Write down your top ten list of who you appreciate, love and adore. 
  2. Consider how you’ll put a smile on their face.  Gifts are all about the recipient, so reflect their preferences.
  3. Think about non-material gifts such as good deeds, teaching a child a new magic trick, sharing a talent or giving your time for babysitting or helping someone get organized.   
  4. Lists are helpful and don’t underestimate a little black book with notes with recorded details about everyone’s likes and dislikes, their addresses, favorite things and more… 
  5. Start early. Make a written list of the resources, or possibly program them into your phone, of the people or businesses that make your life easier during the holidays. 
  6. Give together gifts… a together gifts is where several people go to a concert, get tickets for a new hot movie.
  7. Gift gifts that have lasting value and can become treasured keepsakes, heirlooms or prized possessions. Gift a mother and daughter the same piece of jewelry. Make it special!
  8. Have a gift swap with friends or family members, swapping your favorite books, recipes and make each other a special freezer pleaser dessert.
  9. To make your holiday less stressful, assign roles! Don’t think for a split second you can do this by yourself! Involve the family in the shopping and looking online for great gifts for family members and get everyone involved.
  10. Put all the names in a hat and exchange names! Start a tradition and instead of gifting everyone on your gift list. This is an easy way to limit the gifting, save everyone time and money and everyone gets one gift of a certain value ($25 or something within everyone’s budget). Make this a family tradition and enjoy the ease of the season!   

These ideas are certain to help you thrive and survive throughout the holiday, but the key is to create traditions and get organized early, so you don’t start over every year with the same overwhelming concerns. Celebrating with ease is a breeze when you are ready, prepared and have planned ahead!

Please share your handy tips on how you are organized or plan for the Holidays.  

Happy Holidays!