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Angie Glud
Meet & Greet Monday – Angie Glud

October 26th, 2015   |   No Comments


We at eSBe Designs are so proud of all our Jewelry Stylists and each Monday we want to reach out and share with you, who they are.

Meet Angie Glud, from Venetia, Pennsylvania (south of Pittsburgh). Angie has two boys ages 4 and 6.

Angie Glud

Angie Glud

Q: What attracted you to this industry of Direct Sales​?

A: I got started in the direct sales industry when my boys were 1 and 3. I had been staying home with both of them since they were born and was looking for something fun and flexible that would get me out of the house and allow me to have some adult conversation. I had also always enjoyed working and making my own money, and that was something that I had missed while being a stay at home mom.

Q: What was your deciding factor to join eSBe Designs?

​ A: It was really a combination of multiple factors for me. I love and believe in the product and in our designer. The quality, beauty and uniqueness of Sara’s designs are absolutely incredible. I was also very impressed with the business model. It is second to none and unlike anything else out there. I love that it allows me to work my business as much I want, when I want and most importantly HOW I want.

Q: We know there are many facets you love about your home based business, but what are your favorites? ​

A: What I love most about my eSBe Designs business is having the opportunity to share Sara’s beautiful designs and show women how to look and feel their best. When a woman feels good about herself, she puts forth her best self, making her a better mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, etc… I LOVE when I am out and about and I run into friends wearing their eSBe. Seeing these women looking so beautiful and feeling so confident, just reaffirms for me every time just why I love what I do! It makes ME feel good to know that I have the ability to leave a little sparkle wherever I go. My eSBe Designs business truly helps me bring out the best version of myself and that feels great!

​        Q: Why should others consider joining eSBe Designs?

A: If you are looking for a beautiful, quality, unique product that you can stand behind and truly believe in, eSBe has it! If you are looking for an AMAZING group of people to work and build a relationship with, eSBe has it! If you are looking for an incredible income opportunity, whether you want to make $500 a month or $5000 a month or more…eSBe has it!


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