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ann guiory - jewelry stylist
Meet & Greet Monday – Ann Guidry

October 12th, 2015   |   No Comments


We at eSBe Designs are so proud of all our Jewelry Stylists and each Monday we want to reach out and share with you, who they are.

Meet Ann Guidry, from Kennesaw, GA (just outside the Atlanta Metropolitan area). Ann has 2 children. 

Q: What attracted you to this industry of Direct Sales​?

A: When I started in this industry 12 years ago my youngest was entering middle school and I was ready for some “Me Time”. But not the 9 to 5 stressful job I had before. This industry was and still is a perfect fit for my family’s life style! I can work a FUN job around my family’s crazy schedule. Not to mention I am a business owner! Love this industry!!! ​

Q: What was your deciding factor to join eSBe Designs?

​ A: Working directly with the designer and owner, Sara Blaine and her husband Mendel who are committed to support each Stylist. And after working with eSBe Designs for over a year… They DO! Not to mention Sara’s designs are amazing and so easy to sell.

Q: We know there are many facets you love about your home based business, but what are your favorites? ​

A: For me it’s our business model that gives us choices and the freedom on how we run our business. After being in this industry for over 12 years, I’ve never been part of a more unique business. Our eSBe Rewards program is brilliant! Our eSBe Launch & Quick Start Program sets the ground to success for new stylist.

​        Q: Why should others consider joining eSBe Designs?

A: At eSBe Designs I sell the most gorgeous, unique, affordable designer jewelry that I stand behind 100%. I work with the most amazing corporate staff who are so supportive and CARE! My fellow Stylists are like family… we share ideas, celebrate accomplishments and have each other’s back. And to see the excitement on my client’s faces when they try on our eSBe jewelry… well that’s just special! It’s a “Feel Good” business for sure. Why not join eSBe Designs?


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For more information on becoming a jewelry stylist and joining the eSBe Designs team, contact your local stylist or e-mail us at