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Jewelry Stylist - Gina Bassford - ESBe Designs
Meet & Greet Monday – Gina Bassford

August 24th, 2015   |   No Comments

Jewelry Stylist - Gina Bassford - ESBe Designs

Gina Bassford


We at eSBe Designs are so proud of all our Jewelry Stylists and each Monday we want to reach out and share with you, who they are.

Please meet Gina Bassford, a mother of two (Tara and Victoria) and a Founding Ambassador Director with eSBe Designs. 

Q: What attracted you to this industry of Direct Sales​?

A: I have always been someone who worked (still currently working) a full time job, so having the flexibility owning my own business on my own terms was critical.  

Q: What was your deciding factor to join eSBe Designs?

​ A: I knew the quality of the established designer, Sara Blaine, and her artistic flavor that is infused in every piece. I recognized that the product offering was unlike anything else in the direct sales industry. It is designer jewelry created by only one designer. While the actual product is only one consideration when starting a new business, the unique and ground breaking sales model that eSBe Designs offers is a huge advantage when building a business. I knew my passion for the jewelry would be contagious and my friends would quickly become jewelry collectors.

Q: We know there are many facets you love about your home based business, but what are your favorites? ​

A: I love the fact that people really want to buy what I have to offer and that I can work it around my full-time job. Another huge bonus with eSBe Designs is that we have a flexible rewards program that allows us to chose how we reward our customers. With eSBe Designs, you not only make commissions (25-35%), but are also rewarded a marketing budget (25-35%) which allows stylists to handsomely reward customers, create bonuses, and generate additional sales.

​      Q: Why should others consider joining eSBe Designs?

A: Anyone who wants a unique product offering, a sisterhood of friendship and support, and a large payoff for her investment should consider joining eSBe Designs. Our company is all about choices, because of our entrepreneurial rewards program you can chose how you do business and when you do business. With our $1000+ jewelry trunk show average, you could find yourself making phenomenal wages per hour.

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