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Elizabeth Ringas - Jewelry Stylist
Meet & Greet Monday – Elizabeth Ringas

September 21st, 2015   |   No Comments


We at eSBe Designs are so proud of all our Jewelry Stylists and each Monday we want to reach out and share with you, who they are.

Elizabeth Ringas - Jewelry Stylist

Elizabeth Ringas

Please meet Elizabeth Ringas, from Glen Allen, VA, a mother of three children (8,10,12) and a Founding Ambassador Senior Stylist with eSBe Designs. 

Q: What attracted you to this industry of Direct Sales​?

A: FLEXIBILITY – I love that I can control how much I work, when I work, and the income I can make. This business allows me the opportunity to take time to focus on my family or to put in extra effort to buy something I dream of. This business is very unique, in that I can truly make the business fit around my family’s busy life.


Q: What was your deciding factor to join eSBe Designs?

​ A: I remember when I wore a matching necklace and a pair of earrings because I didn’t feel comfortable with my ability to mix jewelry collections. With the training and insight shared with me by eSBe Designs, I have learned how to mix and layer. When I wear my jewelry, I now feel confident and put together and I love passing these tips onto my clients. With eSBe Designs, I am helping women conquer problems that I once had with jewelry and wanted to continue to share that with others. 

Q: We know there are many facets you love about your home based business, but what are your favorites? ​

A: My favorite part of my eSBe Designs business is the opportunity to make a difference in a woman’s life.  The “aha” moment when they see the difference that jewelry makes to their wardrobe or that they too can become a business owner. As a former therapist, I sought to empower women to find who they are. I now get to do that for others by coaching and mentoring other women to build the business they want or need and to find the style they feel good walking into their day with.  It all comes back to helping women to find their confidence!

​      Q: Why should others consider joining eSBe Designs?

A: If you are someone like myself, who is looking for flexibility and the ability to earn full time money on part time hours, this is the business for you. You can not only enjoy when you do business but how you do business with the eSBe Designs Rewards program. Who couldn’t use an extra $500 or $1000 in the budget each month?


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