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Tammy Durante
Meet & Greet Monday – Tammy Durante

November 23rd, 2015   |   No Comments


Tammy Durante

Tammy Durante

We at eSBe Designs are so proud of all our Jewelry Stylists and each Monday we want to reach out and share with you, who they are.

Meet Tammy Durante, from Woodridge, Il . Tammy is married to her husband Bob of 23 years. Bob and Tammy have two college girls, Jenna (21) Dana (18).

Q: What attracted you to this industry of Direct Sales​?

A: When we were blessed with our first daughter, Jenna, I became a stay-at-home mom. During that time, I was invited to and hosted several “direct sales” shows.  I thought about joining the industry, since I liked the flexibility and the idea of getting out of the house to meet people, but I never considered myself a “salesperson”.

What I found was, when you are passionate about the product you offer, it’s all about sharing.   So I decided to “try it on for size”.  What I never realized is how much I would love it!  Over 12 years later, I can say it was the best decision I have made. Having control over my schedule allows me to put my family first and I have met some of the most wonderful people along the way.  I love having something I can call my own, my eSBe Designs business!

Q: What was your deciding factor to join eSBe Designs?

A: I was impressed with the family culture that Sara, the designer, and her husband, Mendel, bring to the company. Both Sara and Mendel take a personal interest in each and every stylist, wanting you to succeed! After hearing their vision for eSBe Designs and the ground floor opportunity it presented, I knew this was a company I wanted to be a part of.

Q: We know there are many facets you love about your home based business, but what are your favorites? ​

A: Sara’s unique designs allow me to help women look and feel their best!  It’s so rewarding to see women light up and feel more confident when they try on and wear our jewelry. With my eSBe business, I have had the opportunity to fund raise and give back to many important causes, several of which have helped women in need in my community. This was made possible by our unique eSBe Rewards program, that provides Stylists with their own marketing budget.    

​        Q: Why should others consider joining eSBe Designs?

A: At eSBe Designs, we offer the most stunning and affordable handcrafted designer jewelry unlike any in the industry! I am honored to represent our designer and work with an incredibly supportive corporate staff and field of stylists!  We work together…share ideas and lift each other up! eSBe supplies innovative tools to help you get off to a successful start and  I love that we offer many options to join as a Stylist, to fit your budget.  If you love fashion and jewelry, why not consider eSBe Designs?


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