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Chains, Chains and More Chains!

September 1st, 2015   |   No Comments


Robyn Spizman - Vice President of CommunicationsWe’re thrilled to announce a new weekly feature to our eSBe Designs blog called,  “Write From Robyn”. Robyn Spizman is New York Times Bestselling Author, Consumer Advocate, Television Personality and Vice President of Communications, at eSBe Designs.

eSBe Chain - Layering ChainWhile I was traveling to New York last week and strolling down Madison Avenue, I noticed chains all around me. Chains of silver, gold and platinum on handbags (aka Stella McCartney), chunky chains on stunning Chanel bags, chains embellishing shoes, boots, chain-wrapped wrists and loads of long luscious neck chains in the high style windows of the well known B’s in the big apple.

Chains on the street were adorning the outfits of well-dressed women primarily accenting their flattering layered outfits of black and more black.

Layering Necklaces and Chains

eSBe chains are one size fits all. Some are short, others long but always big on style and so luxurious and right on trend. They fit seamlessly into the chain of fashion’s latest what to wear revolution. Go back in fashionista iconic times and chains emerged early on as a bold statement link to classic style.

When sharing our gorgeous, timeless eSBe chains remember the more chains the merrier. Be the stylist link in the fashion world of chains and show women how to layer those links for fashionable success.

If you ask me or most of the top style icons of centuries past, a woman can never have too many chains!

Stick with me and I will share with you practical ways to save time, money and energy.

Wishing you all good things that matter most,


Robyn Spizman